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Meet the Team

Cross-Reality's Rising Stars

Xander Black has been working with Virtual Reality since the early days of Google Cardboard and Tessanella DeFrisco joined that journey last August at the start of their first venture, These two have spent the last year documenting their travels throughout the United States with the Insta360 Pro 2 and Insta360 One R cameras. Finally having settled June 2021 in the greatest city in the world, they are ready to bring their A game to the rapidly growing cross-reality community here in New York through their new business, Stargazer XR.

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Tessanella DeFrisco

Executive Director

Tessanella DeFrisco graduated at the top of her theatre arts class in San Francisco and went on to work for American Conservatory Theater. She is a seamstress by trade but her innovative mind and executive skills melt into everything she touches. Over the last year, she has learned immensely valuable lessons in creating and producing Virtual Reality films. Tessanella is ecstatic to be diving into this exponentially growing medium of storytelling.

Xander Black

Technical Director

Xander Black is an experienced theatre artist, professional TV actor, and a self-taught VR filmmaker. He has guest-starred in the prime-time television show FBI on CBS. He has performed in scores of theatrical productions, spanning a wide range of styles. For more than 4 years has practiced capturing, editing, and publishing 360º stories to be experienced in a Virtual Reality headset.   

Our Mission

To fuse established storytelling techniques

with emerging technologies.

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